The Badass Planner

Honestly, most planners are boring AF.

Any planner is good for organizing your schedule and daily tasks, but if you want to take control of your day Badass style, you need The Badass Planner.

You love a good planner, right? You head out to your favorite book store all ready to be inspired, and that’s not by some calendar book with a flowery cover and flowery thoughts because that’s not what your life is. A lot of things that happen in our days can’t be planned; and if they can, very often those plans will change. Life is messy, and it can be hard. That’s real life and it’s anything but boring.

It’s best to get a real planner you can hold in hold in your hot little hands! Filled with real life guidance just as funny as real life. If you aren’t ready to grow as a person and die laughing I suggest a planner with kittens and rainbows.Jennifer Skinner, owner of RockNRoll Farm

Most planners don’t really engage you.

You can write down engagements, but what’s going to engage you? I mean honestly, with all of the electronics we have these days, all we need to do is type tasks onto a desktop calendar or into an app and this device will remind us to do them. (Pretty soon these gadgets will probably be doing our tasks for us, which I find a little bit creepy.) You want to put more thought and meaning into your days. You want to take some control over your messy life. You want to be the badass planner that I know you are. Yeah, you.

I love The Badass Planner so much, I check it every morning for some great advice and a smile…and the day is off to a grand start!Kathryn Johnson-Founder and President of Career Code

Your life, your way.

We all have some Badassery inside of us just waiting to be unleashed so it can help us get the most out of our life.

Each of us have things on our to-do list that aren’t exactly fun, and some tasks are so off-putting that we literally put them off! With The Badass Planner, you will start each day with a spicy quote. You will break down your tasks not just to check them off the list, but to manage them in the best way possible. This daily exercise along with monthly goals and reflections, designated You-time and monthly essays, all motivate you to unleash your Badassery and live life with intention!  The Badass Planner is your companion to help you take control of your days instead of letting your days control you. Your life, your way. Hell yeah.

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