It’s time to stop wishing and start Badass-planning.

Whether it’s a one on one consult session to help move you forward or bringing me in to spread the Badass love to your group or employees, let’s work together to stir up some inspiration, make your vision a reality, stoke that inner fire and start blazing that trail!

Badassery Consult Sessions

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Have you ever wished you had someone to just talk things to death with about the goal you are trying to reach, your idea you want to launch, or opportunity you’re trying to master?

Someone who cares about you but isn’t going to:

  • laugh at you (only with you, and as often as possible, please.)
  • judge you. (you do you, my friend.)
  • half-listen to you while checking their phones incessantly.
  • be generally unsupportive of whatever it is you are trying to do.
  • bring up all of those other things you said you were going to do and haven’t gotten around to, there is a reason behind that.
  • take over the conversation to talk about their goal, their idea or their opportunity.

Most people you talk to are well-meaning, but often they just don’t get it, get you, or honestly, have the patience to sit and talk it to death. My hubby loves me like crazy but he can only listen to me and my idea-of-the-week for so long!

That’s where I come in. As a certified life coach for over 8 years and a eager participant of the Gypsy School of Life, I can not only offer you a listening ear but the wisdom that comes along with years of client and personal experience.

How are your consult sessions different from life coaching, you may be wondering?

As my client, you will come to me with a specific goal, idea or opportunity that we can work on.
As a consultant, the nature of my consulting will definitely touch on some history and behaviors; but instead of spending a lot of time digging into why the hell you are doing what you do, we will concentrate on how to move you forward.

Susie Shubert is a smart, compassionate coach who helps us dig into the recesses of our Badassery and “live it!!!!Kathryn Johnson-Founder and President of Career Code

I will meet you where you are at in a variety of ways, depending on what is needed from you at the time.

Here are some examples of Badass Consulting:

  • a support/cheerleading session to get you ready for an upcoming event or happening
  • a support session for hashing over an opportunity that didn’t quite come out the way you wanted it to
  • a creative MasterMind session to literally throw some ideas out to someone to get ideas and help you brainstorm your own
  • being your weekly check-in/support person for helping you reach a goal
  • help to connect you with other people and resources that can aid in moving you forward

What do you need? I’m all ears. (well, and a lot mouth, I do think my friends and family would say.)

Because I believe in being transparent, I won’t lure you in with clickbait to find out my pricing; my consulting rate is $128 an hour.

The structure of payment can change a bit depending on what you want to work on, but that’s the general idea.

Guess what? You’re worth it…because you can’t afford to live one more day without going after what you want.

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I absolutely love seeing a bunch of shining faces looking up at me so I can totally hijack their way of thinking. Just kidding. (sort of.)

Honestly, if your friends or employees aren’t thinking that they can move mountains, than their stagnant thinking does need to be hijacked!

Susie led us through exercises that engaged our senses, challenged our assumptions, and encouraged us to bring our authentic selves to work every day.Zoe Clarke, Organizational Effectiveness Specialist at Planned Parenthood

Whether it’s learning about their strengths so they can live their best lives and communicate better with others, take control of their days by rocking their tasks, or living their normal everyday lives like a rock star, there is something extra-special about taking in that information as a group. It breathes new energy into people and inspires them to manifest some serious Badassery!

I’m available to come in to speak about these topics and open to your own ideas. Let’s create some magic together.

Give me a shout and we will talk details.

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