Badass Tarot

Dear Tarot Skeptic,

Do you find yourself being drawn to the Tarot and you have no idea why?

You love the idea of some kind of unexplainable mysterious magic, you are fascinated by the symbols, the ancient lore, the beautiful cards themselves…but yet you still find your pragmatic self wanting to cry out, “Bullshit!!”

Yeah, me too.

And that’s precisely why I decided to start learning the craft of tarot reading. If something keeps calling to you that seems to come from another part of who you are, it’s time to investigate.

Where Pragmatic Meets Woo

After experiencing a “Sure, why not?” reading that was spot on, I decided that since I’ve fought dabbling into this kind of unknown territory that I have always been so inexplicably drawn to, it was high time to dive right in. I’ve always believed that If something keeps calling to you that seems to come from another part of who you are, it’s time to investigate.

In the spirit of manifesting Badassery, my approach to tarot reading is authentic and real. I believe that the cards themselves are not bewitched; the magic lies within you. The images and messages that the cards hold help to bring out things that are lodged somewhere in the recesses of your stubborn subconscious brain, waiting for just the right thing to unleash them so that you are less confined and more in tune with yourself to be able to unleash your own Badassery into the world!

Susie’s ability to connect with her clients brings so much warmth and honesty to her readings. She’s a natural! — Angie B.

As an exhaustive truth and authenticity-seeker, I have been mentored by Ms. Nancy Antenucci, author of “Psychic Tarot—Using Your Natural Psychic Abilities to Read the Cards”, expert tarot reader, dynamic speaker, and founder of the Twin Cities Tarot Collective; basically a seriously Badass Intuitive and Magic-Maker!

Susie was highly knowledgeable and detailed in her analysis and I would highly recommend her! –Jillian V.H.

As a certified life coach I am able to take your readings one step further. Walking away from a tarot reading with validation and/or new insight is wonderful, but with my experience I am able to give you not only some deeper insight, but some ideas and action steps for you to work on to help makes these ideas and goals a reality.

Susie brings love and gentleness into her readings. She sees details in the cards that give so much more depth to the interpretations. Love her!! —Linda B.

So what say you? Are you ready to open your mind, to get to know yourself better, to receive some much-needed guidance from your spirit, your grey matter, your higher power, the Force…whatever the hell speaks to you? I’m ready to go there with you.

At this moment, I am offering Email readings:

We don’t have to be physically together for me to connect with you. Email readings include an in-depth written exploration and a photo of the spread.

I wasn’t hesitant to get an online reading because I know that people can tap into your energy from a distance. I might almost say it’s nicer than having it in person because if I forgot something, I can go back as a reminder!  I would highly recommend a reading from Susie and plan to connect with her again in the future! –Anna K.

There are many many Tarot spreads out there, and I definitely have my faves. Click here to peruse the list that I have complied for you to choose from, depending on what it is you want to focus on at the moment. You can pick something that reflects a general reading, get into something more specific, or treat yourself to something a bit more in depth! I suggest that you choose the reading that seems to call out to you–that’s the one you’re meant to hear. When you book your appointment just let me know which one you are interested in!

Post-Reading Consults!

Wanna dig deeper into a reading? I offer a 60 minute consult session to hash out anything that came up for you and work out an action plan so you can get the most out of the magic. 

Contact me for pricing, scheduling and any other questions!