Feminine Hijinx Podcast

What’s as Badass as The Badass Planner? The Feminine Hijinx podcast, that’s what.

Feminine Hijinx is what happens when two BFFs with the same random and silly sense of humor get together every week to laugh, share, and get real about their unconventional lives and experiences as women on the other side of 40.

Reinventing the other side of 40 with sass, crass and kickin’ ass.

Angie Bailey and I don’t believe in just sitting around, worrying about and fighting against the inevitable passing of time. We believe in getting out there and making the most of it—and we want to encourage others to go on this crazy ride right along with us.

We will be covering lots of edge-of-your-toilet-seat topics like:

  • De-bunking the ‘style rules’ that plague the magazines for women of a certain age
  • Sharing the ‘joys’ of bra shopping
  • Experiencing the exciting and sometimes overwhelming freedom that we now have

Relationships, friendships, Cougaring, sex toys, assless chaps…one never knows where our nutty (and often inappropriate!) minds will wander!

Just another day in the podcast.

Yes, this podcast is aimed at an over-40 audience of the female persuasion, but that doesn’t mean anyone isn’t invited into our ladies room! We think you will find some good information and lots of laughs no matter what age or gender you identify with!

Angie and I would love nothing more than to have you join us in the ladies room every Monday for laughs, ah-fucking-mens, and what-the-fucks.

Our goal is to create a community where women feel accepted, where they have a voice, where they can belong and be their own fabulous, unique selves. What’s more Badass than that?

We would also love to hear your comments, and have you join in on our discussions on our Facebook group, Feminine Hijinx Podcast. Like the page, subscribe to the podcast, join the tribe!

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