Badass Consulting

As a certified life coach with over eight years of experience, I like to offer the option for you to dig deeper into whatever it is you’re working on…

Here is where my consult sessions come in!

Life has a great way of throwing obstacles in your path when you are trying to get to what you want!  It’s so easy to lose our way as we self-sabotage ourselves saying we have no time, no money, our families need us, we are being selfish, we will never succeed anyway….you know this drill. This is fear, my friends. Fear of failing, and even fear of success.

Luckily, you have the choice and the ability to look fear in the eye and throw glitter at it.

Susie helped me uncover the root of a recurring issue and didn’t allow me to dodge the stickiness of it. I’m looking forward to playing with the action steps we came up with. Thank you! Thank you!Jennifer Voss-Martha Beck Master Coach/Dream Facilitator

Glitter clenched in my fists, I am here to support you along the way. A cheerleader, a challenger, someone that doesn’t let a personal history get in the way of sound advice and an unbiased opinion. Someone who takes you and your idea seriously but is never too serious to have fun. Someone who knows when to rock and when to roll.

So when and why would you book a consult session with me?

After a Tarot Reading

After a reading, you can easily be left with ideas and insights that you want to dig into a bit deeper. This can happen right away, or even weeks or months later! Something will come up from our time together and you’ll feel like you want to revisit what it’s all about.

As You’re Planning

With your Badass planning, sometimes you just wish you had someone to talk things to death with about the goal you are trying to reach, your idea you want to launch, or opportunity you’re trying to master.

Susie Shubert is a smart, compassionate coach who helps us dig into the recesses of our Badassery and “live it!!!!Kathryn Johnson-Founder and President of Career Code

Whether the session is specifically about your reading or your overall plans, together we will come up with ideas and/or an action plan to help move you forward to wherever it is that you want to go.

It has been proven time and time again that people who write down their goals, have and implement a plan of action, and have the on-going support of another have a much higher success rate to achieve their goals than those who try to go it on their own.

Not only is Susie wickedly funny, brilliantly insightful, and a terrific coach, but she’s got a warm heart and keen intuition. I emerged enlightened and focused. Jill H.-Owner of Holter Communications

Whatever ‘that thing’ is for you — a promotion or new career, a healthier lifestyle, something that calls to you that you’ve always wanted to do, or a way you’ve been wanting to feel — if you are tired of feeling stuck, hitting a brick wall or going it alone with your goals and dreams, maybe it’s time to invest in yourself with some Badass consulting.

And just in case you’re wondering… you’re worth it. Because you can’t afford to live one more day without going after what you want!!

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