About Susie

The Badass Journey

As a certified life coach who was trained by the extraordinary Martha Beck; as a former heavy metal vocalist, writer, podcaster, tarot reader, author of The Badass Planner and self-proclaimed queen of wanderlust—one would definitely say I’ve traveled many roads.

I’ve learned the most amazing things from every detour. Here’s a (small list) of some of those things:

  • I am a self-starter who jumps right into things that interest me: manuals be damned.
  • I love learning and discovering new and interesting things!
  • I am and will always be lured by anything that glitters or creeps. (except spiders.)
  • I need to be surrounded by things that I think are beautiful. (or creepy.)
  • Everything must have meaning and purpose, even if that purpose is only to delight me for a day.
  • If I don’t feel it, I can’t do it.
  • I am very opinionated and have truths and values that don’t need to be changed or validated by anyone else, thank you very much.

This list could go ever on and on. I don’t plan on ending my journey here, and I hope that you will come along with me! A journey is oh-so-much better with a Fellowship.

Rock Out Your Life and Make Each Day Count

Years ago I realized that I wanted a planner, but nothing out there did much for me in the way that I wanted to be motivated. I didn’t want some flowery tome trying to inspire me with sappy thoughts and feel-good pastels; that simply isn’t reality, and I wanted to grab life by the jewels and kick down some doors. So I decided to create my own, and in 2017, The Badass Planner was born.

Along with sassy quotes, essays that make you think, and places to write and reflect, my planner has you take a look at your daily tasks and break them down so you can take them down with intention. All with some much-needed profanity, of course.

Great But…Why Tarot?

Because Tarot + Planning is a match made in the cosmos, my friends.

Trust me–I’ve always raised a cynical eyebrow at this kind of thing until I had a random just-for-fun reading that truly hit home. It inspired me to finally let myself connect with my intuitive magical side that had always tugged at my pant leg. Since raising my white flag and surrendering to the pull of reading the tarot, I continue to be amazed at the effects and changes that have I’ve witnessed in myself and many others that I’ve worked with.

I want to take the often unapproachable woo woo out of the tarot and make it more of a mainstream everyday tool to help you rock those tasks in a more meaningful way that taps into who you truly are.

When we are able to connect with our bona fide selves and what we really want out of life, we are able to not only get things done but do so while moving forward and crafting a more purposeful existence that is truly fulfilling. I don’t know about you, but as much as I love zombies in the movies, I really don’t want to shuffle around day in and day out like one.

Being mentored by and studying under amazing people like Nancy Antenucci and Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot, I’ve dug in there with the best and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Whether you are here for my planner, tarot readings, consult sessions, or all of the above, my goal is to advise and support you as you delve into your inner vault of strength (I know you have one!) to help you rediscover, redefine and reclaim who you are so you can get the most out of this thing we call Life.

This Thing Called Me

Living in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my hubby, two kids and a couple of cats, one would think I live a pretty conventional life. Like a Hobbit I do so like my creature comforts, but I realized a long time ago that, like Bilbo, my life really IS about the journey and I’m okay with that.

Horror movies, strong coffee with cream, music that makes me break out in goosebumps, anything that makes me break out into a throw-your-head-back burst of loud laughter, sparkles, the ocean, irreverent humor, getting hijacked by a book or movie, anything Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, Badass brainstorming and conversation, making my family play board games with me…these are a few of my favorite things.

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