Marilyn Manson, Life Coach

No, as far as I know Mr. Marilyn Manson has not started a new side of his business that includes chatting with people about how to think positively and get the most out of their lives. (there is something funny about Marilyn Manson and chatting in the same sentence, isn’t there??)

Personally though, dark and over-the-top as he may be, he’s got a lot to say and I appreciate his candor. As the coach who’s always told people that sometimes life just sucks, I think it’s safe to say that in a lot of ways he and I are on the same wavelength. It doesn’t do any good to tell people that their lives should just be sunshine and rainbows, because that’s just not the truth. When you can’t feel that way all the time you start thinking you are failing at life. Nope, you are just going along for the ride, my friend, and you just need to learn how to enjoy the thrills and make the most of the chills.

Recently I was walking in my nearby favorite cemetery, listening to some new songs I had discovered from his new album. (I’m sure he would greatly approve of the setting.) A line from the track Infinite Darkness, “You’re dead longer than you’re alive”, was repeated over and over; it was pretty much the overall theme of the song. Probably not a witty tidbit you’d get from Oprah or anything, but this is the kind of inspiration I appreciate…not a whisper of a suggestion but a whack on the top of my head reminding me to live my life, damnit.

You’re dead longer than you’re alive.

When you think about the amount of time that will continue to pass on after you do–you know, basically eternity–that is one true statement. Sure, more than likely you aren’t going to be aware of that never-ending plane of existence, (however it looks like to you) at least not in a human-consciousness kind of way, but sheesh. It totally makes me think that I’d better get my middle-aged butt in gear to make sure I get everything in that I want to before I literally bite the dust.

I want to make sure I’m loving who I love in a big way. I want to make sure I’m really taking in every moment, and not taking it for granted. I want to make sure I’m laughing as much as possible and spending as much time as I can with the things and people that make me happy enough to do so. I want to take in more beauty, and create it. I want to experience everything being the most authentic person that I can be, because that’s what feels really real. And if that means being inspired by Marilyn Manson even when others may think that’s really weird, especially as a 50+ woman, so be it.

Oh, and I really want to get my snowbird place to go sit my ass on a beach every winter for an extended period of time. I really don’t want to kick the sand bucket before that happens.

Check in with yourself, my friends, and please take the time to figure out how you can make every day count. Let me know if and how I can help! I’ve got lots of ideas, and I promise I won’t make you listen to Marilyn Manson unless you want to.


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