Magic Monday Reading, 10/4/2020

OK Seriously. What is going on here? ANOTHER EIGHT for our theme of the week. Remember, eights are all about change, accomplishment and action. Change kind of is the theme of 2020, isn’t it? Things feel constantly in motion right now–we never know what to expect from one day to the next. Thank goodness for tarot to help give us things to think about, focus on and change for the better! On to the reading!

But of course this month I have to use my Samhain Deck of the Bastard from Tarot by Seven!!

Theme of the Week: The Eight of Coins. It’s time to put some extra hard work into your craft this week; particularly something that is work or career related.

Important Lesson or Focus: The Magician. Well, this completely makes sense–since you are called to hone this aforementioned craft, you are going to need to call on all of your skills to do so! The Magician uses all four of the his magical tools/elements, and he is telling you that it would be a good idea for you to do the same to make your own serious magic. Study and discern to improve your knowledge, become emotionally invested, set a good schedule and work flow, and keep yourself inspired by thinking of the amazing outcome you will achieve by doing all of these things!

Who or What Can Support You: The King of Cups. I love that we got this King here, because he has mastered the art of ruling with both heart and mind. A good balance of these things will help you create the magic that want to happen this week, and with all of that good stuff going on you can’t lose!

So–what is it you are crafting into fruition this week, my friends?

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