Magic Monday Reading 10/19/2020

We continue with the incredible Samhain Deck of the Bastard by Tarot by Seven. The Ranger (that is Aragorn!!) candle by Mythologie Candles also makes its luscious appearance!
After a tough week, Tarot says, Chill.

Theme of the Week: The Four of Swords: Ahhh, my friends, it is time to take a break. Rest your weary mind. This totally makes sense if last week was a tough one (remember the Five of Pentacles?)–Swords are about thoughts and action…and your prescribed action this week is to try to give your mind a much-needed rest from the fret and worry, and of anything that stressed you out last week. Go for walks in the crisp cool air, journal, meditate. Is there a work task or project you can put off for just a bit? Make sure you go easy on yourself this week.

Important Lesson or Focus: Temperance. Have you been overdoing it lately? Maybe with your overly-stressed week you were over-imbibing with feel-good crutches like booze and sugar! (no judgement here–they both have their time and place IMO!) This is also a signal to make sure you are creating balance in your life–if you’ve been overdoing, this week is a good time to step back a bit. (see above.) As a Major Arcana card, this isn’t just a fleeting short-term suggestion; it’s a suggested overall practice.

Who Or What Will Support You: The Knight of Cups. This knight is typically the LOVER, to don’t say no to a little romance distraction this week! Romance can be tough to come by in a Pandemic, so in the meantime you may want to take on the energy of Sir Cups and fall in love with something that makes you happy and can take you out of your funk. Find the beauty that’s all around you, ‘cuz it’s there, I promise.


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