Magic Monday Reading 10/12/2020

Well! We have finally moved on from the Eights it seems–sadly, from accomplishment and action to conflict and adversity. Such is life!!

Samhain Deck of the Bastard, all month!! Deck by Tarot by Seven.

Theme of the Week: 5 of Coins. Well shit, no one likes to see this card pop up in a reading, especially when we are talking about the theme of an entire week! Worry, grief and loss is what tarot shows us today, to which honestly I’m sure many of you are thinking, “well duh!” Life’s been tough out there in a lot of ways lately, there is no mystery or magic that needs to tell us that. But it seems that we are in store for these hard feelings to be especially hitting home this week.

Important Lesson or Focus: Justice. Fairness, balance, truth, a consequence of an action. I feel this is tarot telling us to try to step away from the feelings of the heart and look at the situation more with the mind. Sure, life can suck, but what can we do to make it right? It’s time to make a decision, and align with your truth.

Who or What Will Support You: Page of Cups. Remember what’s important, and what you’re suffering for. Suffering is a part of life, but when you can keep your focus on the good that will come out of it, or who may benefit, it definitely helps. I can’t help but feel like this Page is representing a child in your life that you need to stand up for. If not a child, the truth of who you are; back to innocence and unbridled faith and love; the child in yourself.

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