Get Ready to Rock the Darkness

Halloween is fun!

This time of year I can always find great home decor that I happen to enjoy all year round, and who doesn’t love having an excuse to break into the bags of candy that are supposed to be for trick or treaters??

As I get older, though, I’m much more apt to connect with the spirit of Samhain than Hallow’s Eve, TBH. Pronounced ‘Saw-Win’  and considered the Celtic New Year, it is said that on the night of October 31st the veil between the physical and supernatural world is thin, so we are more connected and influenced by the ‘unseen’. Whether you believe this or not, this is a time that marks the end of the harvest season, and the beginning of the ‘darker half’ of the year. It’s a time to think on and be grateful for the cool things your ‘harvest’ has given you, and get ready to snuggle in for some serious reflection and introspection time.

Of course being a bit of a spooky gal myself I do love the idea of hanging out with some (friendly) ghosts, but taking a more practical approach I also think of the ‘unseen’ as being our shadow sides, the part inside of us that we don’t let many see…or even our intuition and inner thoughts. I also love the idea of making a point to bring honor and remembrance to the people (or even ideas and instances) that we’ve lost.

Well you just know as a Tarot Lady I had to come up with a Samhain spread! Here it is in all its spooky glory with the apropos Samhain Deck of the Bastard created by Tarot by Seven. The numbers go from the bottom left, with cards #4,5 and #10,11 along the side.


  1. How can I show gratitude for the ‘harvest’ (aka cool shit) I have been given? Six of Swords.  By not hanging on to it too tightly so you can move on and be open to new horizons.
  2. What’s an important lesson I’ve learned from brighter days? The Hanged Man.  Sometimes giving something up is the best thing you can do. Always look at things with a new perspective; try to think about and re-use what you’ve done in a new way.
  3. How can I bring that lesson forward? The Knight of Swords.  Keep moving forward! Don’t be idle. Charge forward with your ideas. Don’t overthink, just do! (I hear that in Yoda’s voice.)
  4. How can I best remember and honor who/what I’ve lost? The Magician.  Hone and use your unique skills this knowledge and experience has given you to create something powerful and useful to help yourself and others.
  5. What is their/its lesson for me? The Queen of Swords.  Never stop learning and being the best you can be. You can have a successful career and do what you love.
  6. What will be revealed out of the darkness? 10 of Cups.  You will become closer than ever with your family (no duh since we will all be stuck with only each other, eh?? ;-)) and create lasting bonds that may not have been made had you not been in the darkness.
  7. What is best left in the dark? Seven of Wands.  The constant struggle and attempts to get and keep a place of recognition. This is the best to take a break from that and turn your attention inward.
  8. How can I bring light into the darkness? Ace of Pentacles.  Always keep looking for new opportunities, and keep your mind set on abundance instead of lack, even when things seem bleak. With all of this inner focus you could very well bring in a wonderful financial/career opportunity! Woot Woot!
  9. How can I bring light to others? Two of Swords. You need to make a decision about something that you’re having trouble with; something your heart wants vs. what your head tells you to do. * Often when this card comes up I draw two more and place one on each side of the Two of Swords card; this represents what the decision is about. I got the Four of Pentacles and The King of Wands.  I see this connected with the lessons of the Ace of Pentacles; you can hunker down and get to work on your own, or you can open yourself up to share your visions with someone else and possibly delegate some tasks to them.
  10. How can I prepare myself for the darkness? Six of Wands.  By concentrating on what you are doing, not what you ‘should be’ doing. There are no shoulds. It’s easy struggle with yourself when you are the only one around; you are your own worst enemy! Trust yourself, stay open and clear, try to live in the moment.
  11. How can I be motivated and productive in the dark? Seven of Swords.  It’s time to be resourceful and think outside the box!

How did this reading speak to you? In a pandemic, it’s especially daunting to think about the coming of the ‘dark days’. We are already feeling so cooped up now, how about when it’s 20 below? (Yes, I’m speaking from witch’s-tit-cold Minnesota here.) I like how these cards telling us to hunker down and meet the darkness with your head held high! Get instrospective, appreciate and celebrate your family, and take it all day by day. Despite your worst fears, you may actually become more productive and creative in this time!

So Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain! Get out there and dance naked around a bonfire if the spirit moves you! (just don’t catch a cold and don’t get arrested.)


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