Magic Monday Reading 9/7/2020

Happy Labor Day and Happy Magic Monday!

I hope you enjoy some good, relaxing time with family, friends, or your best friend–yourself. Let’s see what tarot has for us to learn this week!

My new long-awaited¬† Pagan Otherworlds deck by Uusi~ isn’t it beautiful??

Theme of the Week: The Eight of Pentacles. It’s the official end of the summer, and time to get to work. What are you working on? A work project? Yourself? The Eight of Pentacles tells us if we spend the time to hone our skills and to cultivate, we will definitely see growth.

Important Lesson or Focus: The Emperor. Gotta love the Emperor, in all his mightiness! You are feeling very accomplished right now; this long weekend may very well be a good opportunity for us to not only celebrate the work we’ve been able to push through during this crazy time of Covid, but also the mental work we’ve done to keep ourselves (mostly) sane. The Emperor says, “Pat thyself on the back; you’ve done well, my child”.

Who Can Help or Support You: The Queen of Swords. Wow, this Queen keeps showing up, doesn’t she?? The learning is not done yet! It makes sense, as we think about the challenges that the colder weather will bring–or if it’s not getting much colder where you are, simply another long season or two–as we continue to forge our way through new territory of this new normal. Someone with a lot of knowledge is here to help you–keep reading, take that course, look to someone knowledgeable to help you get in the right mindset. Winter is coming.

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