Magic Monday Reading 9/21/20

Hello, Magical Readers! Here’s your Magic Monday Tarot Reading!

Theme of the Week: Eight of Swords. Oh dear, you are really making things hard for yourself right now! Overthinking, expecting the worst—and that tends to keep you stuck. It’s a vicious cycle, you see–you think, therefore you are. You are literally feeling bound and tied to one place.

Important Lesson or Focus: Temperance. Temperance has been coming up a lot for me personally these days, and I’m really getting to love this woman. She reminds me (and you!) that it’s time to chill, to trust, to relax and let things go with the flow right now. It’s important to find balance in your life or you’re gonna burn yourself out, get super depressed, or both. Loosening up a bit, even if it feels counterintuitive, (“how can I get such-and-such done if I’m not actively pulling my hair out whilst doing it??”) will what help you get out of the Eight of Swords control mode.

Who Can Help or Support You? I’m feeling like now is the time for you to get around a warm and fuzzy father-figure type person that has been there and done that, and can give you not only support from what they’ve learned in their life process, but also an ear/shoulder. Now this does not need to be a dude or a father, per se, but someone who has mastered emotional balance (done a good job thinking with both head and heart) and thrived from it. You know how when you are wound up super-tight about something, someone has the audacity to ask how you are, and it just melts you into a sudden pool of tears? Yup, that. That needs to get out, and this King of Cups is there for you for a “there, there” comforting (if not virtual) pat and some good ideas.

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