Magic Monday Reading 9/14

Happy Mid-September! 
Pagan Otherworlds tarot deck

Theme of the Week: The Eight of Wands. Is it just me or did we have this card recently? It feels very familiar. As you know, days can definitely woosh by and get mixed up with one-another, especially during this Covid-time….and that sentiment goes right along with the Eight of Wands! Things are happening fast right now, especially in areas of creative ways, or things you are super passionate about. This is definitely a good thing, but can also be overwhelming if you aren’t ready for it, or your life does not feel properly balanced.

Important Lesson or Focus: Strength. You’ve been through a lot recently and come out the other side, showing courage and strength. One of the ideas that comes through with this card (that I just looooove) is that you’ll see this woman with the bear (often in this card, it’s a lion); yes, she’s tamed it and that’s amazing, but in the process she’s also befriended it. Or more like she befriended it first, and therefore it is tamed. When we can be ‘friends’ with our fear, realizing it is there for a purpose and taking the time to understand its purpose, we then can tame it. Well done.

Who or What Can Help or Support You? The Queen of Pentacles. Know that you have done and will continue to do the work of keeping yourself and your family happy and secure. Know that when you’ve tamed your fears, you will be able to take on anything that comes. This Queen has a good head on her shoulders, and is well-rounded and balanced in her work and home life. Are you feeling like ‘well-balanced’ is the last way you would describe yourself right now?? Then it’s time to seek the advice of another working mom (and by mom this is pretty much a mom of kids, a mom of fur-babies, or even a mother of a creative project that is her baby. Moms nurture, women nurture, so in a sense, we are all moms. And if you’re a dude, well, you also have maternal instincts…so roll with it! It’s important to remember that the court cards are not attached to gender, but the qualities one possesses.)

I’m especially feeling like this reading is a strong message to parents of school-aged kids right now as they navigate the new Pandemic-filled year! You’ve Got This and you are BADASS!!!!

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