Falling Up

Oooh, September. The temps start to drop, the leaves start to change, and Halloween decorations have their brief moment in the sun (or, moon?) before they have to share the stage with holiday decorations.

It’s funny, isn’t it? Even though September signals the ending of the warm, playful season of summer it still has such a ‘Beginnings’ feel, doesn’t it? I’m sure that comes from starting school–either from having little ones going back (in whatever unusual form they are going right now!) or the memories of your own school days, or both. Back in the day it seems whether you dreaded getting on that big yellow bus (or hopping into your friend’s Pacer...wait, am I dating myself?!) or looked forward to what the new school year had to bring (uh, boys, thank you very much?!) I think all of us felt a little excited at the change; a little bit of structure (whether we wanted to admit that or not) participation in a group sport or choir, decorating our locker, just possibly learning something new and interesting. (who am I kidding. boys.)

Are you feeling the call to make any sort or change? Learn something new during this time of transition? Or get back into a routine that you put on hold over the summer months? I don’t know if it’s coincidence or not, but almost without realizing it, I signed up for an online course about growing my business–and I’m super excited about it! Of course I’m doing this at the same time I’m starting a new job and working on a book proposal with my podcast partner. Because that’s how I roll.

But I say “almost without realizing it” because this was something that came at me from another Place. Something told me to take this course, that it was an important time to do so. (it certainly wasn’t my wallet.) I’m taking my time, not rushing into things, but learning and dreaming and scheming so many fun and fantastic things that I will be rolling out over the next 6 months or so. I can’t WAIT to share them with you!

Meanwhile I’m gettin’ all cozy over here and I can’t say I’m sad about it, even though I hate to see summer go. But it’s been a weird summer.  It’s been a weird year. We are probably all feeling a sigh of relief any time a new anything comes our way because anyone who is reading this can say they are still here to experience it.

And that’s another thing to come from living in a pandemic–if something is calling to you, even if it seems like a crazy time to do it, listen. Take the leap. Learn, try, experience something new. It will make you feel more hopeful and more alive. We could all use that right about now, couldn’t we?

So what’s rumbling around in your brain right now that you want to do??

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