Weekends Were Made For…

Ah, weekends. When I hear that word I instantly sing “Weekends were made for Michelob” in my head which is so ridiculous because it’s a long-lost jingle from the Gen-X era commercial, and I’m WAY too much of a beer snob to ever let such a pee-water beverage pass through my lips.

But I’m not here to school you on 70’s commercials or below-average brew.

I’m wondering what weekends mean to you?

The weekend has always been the signal that it’s time run out of the office and let your hair down; time to sleep in and get all dolled up for a night on the town. No responsibilities for two whole days! I can hear you laughing from here and I’m sure it’s because of the many reasons that pop right into my head as well:

  • A night on the town? That’s funny. Maybe a night on my deck or an outdoor brewery 6 feet away from others with my lovely ‘Plum Dandy’ lipstick more than likely smearing all over my face like a clown underneath my stuffy (but necessary!) mask.
  • No responsibilities? Oh, you mean I can ignore the laundry and the poop stain in my toilet, refuse to make any meals, let the cats overfill the litter box and not pay any attention to the needs of my family? That’s even funnier.
  • Run out of the office? What office?? What if I’m working from home and getting so distracted from dirty clothes, poop stains, those Cheetos that are screaming at me to eat them from the cupboard and the cat that needs to go to the emergency vet that I have no ‘end of the day’ and am still finding myself working away on into the dinner hour and right smack dab into that so-called weekend?

I don’t know about you but I would love to reclaim the weekend. Sure, when we were (older) kids the weekends were often when we worked at the pizza place or delivered balloons in a clown uniform– (what? Was that just me?)–but they definitely signaled time OFF, time to relax, a special couple of days that meant freedom and indulgence and doing a whole lot of nothing.

I promise I did not look this scary when I was delivering balloons as a clown. My wig was purple.

I know it’s tough to ignore the realities that I mentioned above, but let’s try to create some sacred time on the weekends. Let’s try to make sure that we DO have time to let our hair down and enjoy an outdoor beverage, even if dolling up is only for ourselves. Hell, let’s just drink in our jammies, ‘cuz we can. (and if you drink Michelob, you just do you. Or coffee.) Let’s whistle why we work, trying to make chores as fun as we can by listening to loud music, making a game out of it by doing a cleaning contest with your family (whoever gets their room cleaned first and passes the clean room judgement gets their choice of what’s for dinner) and make meals together. If you MUST get work done, set a timer and do what you can to get it done–and then walk away. It will still be there on Monday. Read a book, watch a movie, play video games with your kids and cribbage with your spouse.

Rest and Play. That’s what the weekends are for! And if you are in the world of retail (bless your soul), where there really is no such thing as a Weekend, then make sure to treat your days off like one. Resting and Playing. We all need things to look forward to, especially these days. Letting go of stuff and just giving yourself time to reconnect with others and yourself is where the important, good stuff is. Cheers!

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