My Bad.

I hate this phrase, but My Bad. It has just been brought to my attention (thank you, Freya!) that some of you who have subscribed to this site haven’t been getting your free ‘Your Tasks, Your Way’ worksheet like you are supposed to! Just how long has that been going on??

Also, I just noticed as I was testing things that when I subscribed, it went right in my junk folder. Boo hoo. I have a two-step authentication process which is super-easy and makes sure the naughty spammers stay away, but it sure doesn’t do any good if you never even notice that you got my welcome email in the first place!

So! I’m so sorry if any of this has happened to you! If you did sign up at one point in the past but never did the second authorizing step, I probably just sent you another email. Please check your junk box! We are in the process of fixing all of that stuff to make everything work as it should, and I want you guys to have access to the good stuff!

I’m SUPER excited about what’s coming down the pipe–more juicy info to help you tackle your days, more offers that you can be a part of that will help you rock out your goals and feel like you are living your life in your own authentic way and magical way. I don’t want you to miss any of it!

Here’s your homework!
  • If you have subscribed more recently, please check your junk box. Click ‘Contact Me’ to send me an email or comment below if you didn’t receive the PDF and I will make sure you get it!
  • If you haven’t subscribed before and you want to be notified whenever new shenanigans are happening, please scroll down on the left side bar or to the Home page and hit the pretty pink ‘subscribe’ button! Everything has been fixed so it should all be working! (still remember to check your junk box if you don’t get the email soon after you sign up. Once you do that the second authentication email should go right into your inbox.)

Thanks Peeps, and go ROCK THOSE TASKS!

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