Magic Monday Reading 8/3

New month, new Magic Monday reading!! How will you be starting out the last official (or, unofficial?) month of summer? Well, let’s see now…


This the tried and true Rider-Waite Deck.

Theme of the Week: The 5 of Wands. Nothing like a little competition to add some spice to your week, eh? This isn’t anything serious or harmful, in fact some competition can be heathy. Often it’s just what we need to help inpsire us to push our way to the forefront.

Important Lesson or Focus: The Fool. As the Fool it’s easy for you to look the other way and not let that silliness effect you–you’ve got bigger fish to fry with this new journey of discovery that you’re on! Fool says, pay no mind to them; it’s time to focus on YOU. He reminds us that we are all Fools when we begin, and that’s a good thing; no pre-conceived notions to block our path.

Who or What is Supporting You: The Page of Wands. I can’t help but think this Page of is an aspect of you, ready to get on with it. See how BOTH the Fool and this Page have their backs turned on the tussle? Neither of them have time for this petty distraction, and you don’t have time for Imposter Syndrome. Pages are the the beginning, the seeds, and Wands are fire, my friends–creative passion and discovery. Often time on that journey our biggest competitor is ourselves.

What creative journey are you starting this week? Is this a continuation from a couple of weeks ago?


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