Magic Monday Reading 8/24

Say what? We are starting the last full week of August?? Where did the summer go? Oh yeah, it went into quarantine.

Well, onward and upward!

The Mystical Tarot deck by Giuliano Costa.

Theme of the Week: The Four of Pentacles. You’ve built quite a little empire for yourself, which is fabulous, especially after all of the upheaval that The Tower has been flinging around–Bravo!  But don’t hang on too tightly now….material things like houses and cars and even money itself can go away if we hold on too tightly. If you don’t give, you won’t get back–and that goes for money, love, even creative thoughts.

Important Lesson or Focus: Death. You know, it makes perfect sense that after we endured the crumbling of the Tower for the past two weeks that Death is inevitably going to show its scary yet exhilarating head. I mean, you can’t start something new without putting something else to death, right? At least that’s what Tarot is telling you now. Let it lie, my friend, it’s over now. Give it a good death.

Who or What Can Help or Support You: The Queen of Swords. Well well, Ms. Thang is sticking around for another week with her know-it-all self, but she is handy and she does know her stuff. Continue to take that class, learn all you can on your own, or follow that mentor–you aren’t done learning from them yet.

I love how both Death and the Queen don’t have time for the guy who keeps a mad grip on things, they are both completely turned away from him…ain’t it the truth? You can’t say goodbye to something that needs to go if you’re clinging to it when it’s past its prime, and you can’t learn anymore from it at that point, either. Know that the good things you are getting from all of your hard will still be there if you continue to nurture and share them in a loving way. No one can take that away from you!


  1. Kat

    Most days I don’t take the time to read these (sorry). It is because I feel it isn’t work and so will have to wait for personal time…but today I said, nope I am taking the time to read it. Ummm, yeah..Nailed it! I have issues letting go a stuff…which in turn is making it so I’m not enjoying the new space I just moved into as much as I should be. Time to let go and learn that it is the most precious things that can not be replaced which takes priority over the everyday things you can replace. Letting go of those “things” that can be replaced so that I can learn that I am much happier without it.

    • Susie Shubert

      Hi Kat–thanks for taking the time to read it today–and comment! 🙂 (and I forgive you. ;-)) I’m not surprised in the least that you took the time to do so for this one, isn’t it funny how that works??? I’m SO glad this reading touched and inspired you, and your comment inspired me as well…”…the most precious things that can not be replaced which takes priority over the everyday things you can replace.” Lovely.

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