Magic Monday Reading 8/17

Hello there! I always find it fascinating when I turn up a card that happens to be the exact same one for the same place in the reading that I pulled before….even from a different deck. Samuel L. Jackson is still telling us to hold on to our butts.

The Rider-Waite tarot deck.

Theme of the Week: The Ace of Cups. Oh I love the Ace of Cups! And no wonder, as it represents falling deeply and madly in love. This could be with a person, a creative idea, or a goal that you have recently been inspired to go after. Aces are always the beginning, so this is something new to you, or you are looking at it in a new way.

Important Lesson or Focus: The Tower. Well, well. It seems that we are still in our upheaval mode–and why not?? Often upheaval doesn’t just fade away with the setting of the sun or the changing of a week’s time. It’s ok, my friends. Don’t fight it, just get in that rollercoaster car and ride along. It will come to its clickity-clack of an end at some point and you will feel both relieved and exhilarated that you got through it in one piece and with bravery and strength! See what you can do?

Who or What is Supporting You: The Queen of Swords. It may very well be time to see the help, advice and/or inspiration from someone with a lot of knowledge and know-how. Or this could also be that part of yourself that needs to reign things in and get down to business.

You have the habit of falling in love with things easily and are attracted to the shiny and new, which is a wonderful trait–but if you aren’t willing to put in the work it will all fall apart around you. If you really want this to move forward or last, it’s time to stop solely dreaming and wishing, and put some action behind it. Take a class, read some books. Expand your knowledge. Hire a mentor, or do a trade with a friend who can help put some scheme into your dream. Let me know how that goes!




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