Your Badass Dream Factory

I was chatting with another creative friend the other day and when I asked him what he was up to he replied, “…the usual dream factory over here…”

I love that. It conjured a picture in my mind that explained exactly where we Tasmanian Devil-like visionaries often live and work, each day—there is always some fun new project or idea forming in our cyclone brains! Sadly, we dream factory employees are typically volunteers, more often than not merely getting paid with the satisfaction of a job well done, or at least, a job done. (see, we tend to go from one shiny object to the next, often leaving a half-baked idea on the back burner to start playing with the new Jiffy-Pop inspiration that is suddenly rising like magic before our very eyes.)

Oh, don’t get me wrong—getting from A to B and seeing a finished project is definitely worth the time and energy spent and certainly a labor of love….but ask any one of us factory-workers and we will tell you that it sure would be nice to see a steady paycheck at the end of the conveyer belt more often then we tend to.

For those of us born into this chain-gang, there really is no leaving it all behind to go do something more ‘sensible’, at least in our down time. We could not survive without clocking in there, if not daily, as often as we possibly can. It’s just part of our genetic make-up!

In my current Badass Dream Factory you will see me writing various works, podcasting, reading and creating my own tarot spreads, throwing some bones, making talisman jewelry and (my latest magic!) talisman jars. Sometimes I wonder why I’m even doing some of the things that I do, but I often feel like these things choose me instead of the other way around, and I make sure to accept the invitation and go along.

Do you have your own Dream Factory? Whether or not you would call yourself ‘creative’ I think most of us have something in the back of our minds that we want to be making, whether that be writing, learning, building, crafting, playing, physically moving our bodies in some artful form…the list goes on and on. If you haven’t started building your factory yet, I suggest you make that a priority—even if it only has one small room!

It can be hard to get motivated—and especially stay motivated—in these crazy, unsure times; all the more reason to give yourself a space to dream and do. Even if right now that dream is only the beginning of an idea, build your Badass Dream Factory, and that idea will have a place to be made into something real.

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