Monday Magic Tarot Readings

Happy Monday! Yeah, I know. But Mondays are about to get so much better now that you’ve got your handy-dandy tarot reader friend on your side. Each week I will reveal your Monday Magic, a 3 card reading, as shown in the photo below.

Card #1, at the top: This is the overall theme of the week; a general consensus of what you will be especially dealing with over the next 7 days.

Card #2, bottom left: Important lesson or focus. What can I learn from and/ or focus on around that theme?

Card #3, bottom right: Who or what is supporting me? This can be an outside influential person that you know personally or not, or even as aspect of yourself to be called upon.

Deck is the Mystical Tarot, by Lo Scarabeo

So this reading below, for this week:

Theme of the Week: 8 of Wands–the 8 of Wands is all about action and swift movement, filled with energy! There’s a lot going on this week, and it’s time to take action and move forward.

Important Lesson or Focus: The Hermit–The Hermit reminds us that there are times that we need to retreat, either physically or within ourselves, to do some processing and reassessing. The lesson here is to not get too caught up in the whirlwind around you, which is what you have a tendency to do. There is no need to get frantic, things will happen as they will.

Who or What is Supporting You?: The Queen of Cups is a very maternal, motherly figure; I see her here as your own inner compassionate caretaker, knowing and reminding you to remember to take care of yourself in this busy time. You can’t do it all at once, and you don’t need to!

I hope you find this and all of my readings helpful and as always, feel free to shoot me any questions! I’d love your comments to see if this rings true to you as the week goes by!


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