Your Badass Weekly Reading!

Well, actually MY Badass Weekly reading! As most of you probably know I have started reading Tarot cards–it’s so much stinkin’ fun! I love to create my own spreads, and I recently came up with one around the concept of my Kick It, Divvy It and Rock It task-mastering from my Badass Planner.

I explain it more in the video below, but basically this reading gives you a chance to take a look at your week and what may be good to let go of, put off for another time, and jump on into with gusto in the next 7 days. Now obviously while we are in the middle of a a freakin’ pandemic, your tasks are going to look much different–there are many days where those of us who aren’t working at the time don’t really have any ‘tasks’ at all! However, between the daily focus plan I mentioned in my previous Find Your Focus post and just general life that still needs to keep on truckin’, we still have things we want to get done during this crazy time.

My very own Badass Weekly tarot reading…with my badass Deck of the Bastard Samhain cards, created by Tarot by Seven

I also find this reading really helpful in more than just a practical task-centered way…your things to let go may actually be fear, or NOT paying enough attention to yourself, etc. It may be time to realize that learning that new program you finally have the time to learn just doesn’t come easy or without a lot of stress right now, with your brain being in a constant Covid-fog, so maybe it’s better to put that off until later. It could very well be time to realize that you need to try to let yourself rest some more, play some more, or, start journaling your thoughts as a way to de-stress.

So if you think tarot cards are really cool, or are simply curious about what it is, give this video a watch! You will also be awarded with a surprise at the end of it, if you do…. 😉

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