Disconnecting to Connect

A friend of mine recently posted about how very scared she is with the state of our country right now—all the hate, all the violence, are we on the edge of another war? I have felt everything she is feeling, and it’s terrifying. Her despair made me want to share what has helped me feel a little better about it all. By no means do I have it all figured out, or am I trying to tell you what to do or how YOU should feel. I’m just hoping that I’m giving anyone who cares to read this a peek into my crazy brain (I know, it’s a scary place!!) and something to think about; maybe at the least a small moment of peace.

I too often feel like I’m on the very edge of despair—the whole electing of #notmypresident has brought to light what we really are as a country. The fact that he has just recently been TIED WITH OBAMA as being the most ‘Admired Man of 2019’ says it all. Yes, seeing the good in many people and getting out there and voting is helpful, but IMO putting your faith in that also only leaves someone or something else in control of how you feel—because no matter how much you want to believe, you can’t control the situation. There is a distinct possibility that He Who Shall Not Be Named (aka Pure Evil) will be elected again—and then how will you feel? Even worse.

I don’t say this to be negative, lazy, whiny, or the voice of doom. I say this because it’s reality. The fact is, the world and our country has NEVER been a peaceful place. We’ve NEVER all loved one another for who we are and given ourselves the freedom to believe what we want to be. Remember, our country was actually founded by taking away someone else’s land in a violent, hateful way. Go back to the dawn of time–there have always been wars, torturing and killing people, trying to make a claim for who’s right and who should have the power. The idea of America is a beautiful thing—the reality of it…well, that’s something else.

We can’t control any of it, no matter what we do. When you have people in power that truly don’t care about anything but their own agenda, how can we? They make their own rules and then break those rules when they don’t serve them anymore. They will never be held accountable, so why should they be? When we think ‘they work for us’ or that we have some kind of control, we only set ourselves up for real disappointment.

It’s all about power. And I choose to surrender. I choose to disconnect from it all and just let it be. In the meantime I live my life in the best way I know how—loving the people around me for who they are, random acts of kindness when I can, knowing that my time here is short and I can try to spread as much love as I can while I can. Connecting where I know it will truly make a difference for me and my life.

So get out there, do what you can to help others and help yourself because that is something you can control and it will bring much-needed light to the world. But remember—and I say this in the calmest, most peaceful and non-doomy way—that we are just cogs in a wheel. We are just blips in a second of the grand Universe. All of that crap really doesn’t involve us, until it does. And then we will deal with it and do the best we can. This is where being disconnected from those outside forces and just being in the actual moment truly connects you to yourself and what you love.

So connect with yourself. Read a good book that makes you think happy thoughts and want to jump right into its world. Journal. Get quiet. Meditate. Watch movies. Play music. See a therapist. See a life coach. Get your Tarot cards or your palm read. Connect with the world that you love. Get outside and enjoy nature. Travel to see and experience a new country, a new culture, a cool place that you never even knew existed in your own town. Connect with others. Join a fun online or Meet Up group. Have a game night with a group of friends. Meet a pal for coffee or something stronger. Laugh and commiserate over text, email, phone calls. Disconnect from the outside world to get closer to what you want as your own.

Believe you me, I definitely find this easier said than done. There are times when all I want to do is get into bed and pull the covers over my head saying, “wake me when it’s over!” But then I try to take a deep breath and go back into that place where it is just me. Just me, my loved ones, my world where I can make a difference and hope that that small bit of light spreads. And that is enough, for now. For today. And then for Tomorrow.

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