See You at the Book Fair!

Well, it’s sure been a while since I’ve been here on MYB, my sincere apologies for those of you that choose to follow along. 🙂 Life has its ups and downs and let’s be real–sometimes I just don’t feel like prattling on about it!

I did however, want to share some exciting news–I’ve recently been accepted to participate in this year’s Twin Cities Book Festival ! Super excited! I will be surrounded by hundreds of other authors hocking their literary gems. For those of you who are in or around the Minneapolis area, I’d sure love to see you. Stop on by my table for a chat, and a signed 2020 Badass Planner if you so desire. I will have a few of my ‘Caution! Includes Profanity’ tees there that still need a warm body, and I may even toss up some of my Memento Mori magical talisman jewels! Stranger things have happened.

So! October 12th, from 10am-5pm at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds is where I’ll be. Sorry, no mini donuts, but did I mention this shindig is FREE? And I may just be having a give-away or two….

Hope to see you at the fair! The book fair, that is!

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