Rockin’ Out the New Year

It’s here, the new year. A chance for a do-over, a new beginning, or even just a much-needed middle finger (or two??) thrown back to 2018.

If you know me, you know I’m not much for New Year’s Resolutions. It’s great to have goals and plans–hell, I wrote a planner after all–but I often feel like these grand proclamations just set you up to fail. Why is that?

  • You decide on something so big that it scares the shit out of you before you even start–so you don’t.
  • Mary Jane announces on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter that she’s going to start Cross Training and you think that sounds pretty cool, so you sign up too. You’ve never done more than walk around your block picking up your dog’s poop, reluctantly, and the first class makes you vomit so there goes that idea.
  • Because you feel a bit lonely you decide to join a Meet-Up group for People Who Like to Party Hard even though you are really an introvert and you spend the first one curled up into a ball in the corner of the room, sucking your thumb. If you had dug deep you would have realized that just investing in one good friend would have done the trick.

Friends, I don’t want you to set yourself up to fail! Sure, failing is an opportunity to learn, but let’s get real–it’s much more fun to slow down and do a little work ahead of time so we don’t have to fail in the first place.

As my new year gift to you, I’ve written up a worksheet for you to download and spend some quality time with. This will help you really look into what it is you want for yourself in the coming 365 days (364 now…time’s a wastin’!) so you really can hit that goal. Slow and easy wins the race, taking baby steps along the way.

Be still, get quiet, really listen to what your Real self really wants. Do some journaling. Take all the time you need. No matter what you want to do or become, the real goal is to feel contentment, joy and peace within yourself, is it not? Even if it takes you all year to be able to feel a bit of that when life’s been a struggle, you have succeeded.

So CLICK HERE to download the worksheet and spend some time with your best friend–you! I’d love to hear what you’re working on, and if/or any ah-ha moments came about in your soul-searching.

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