Don’t Be Miserable.

That’s really deep Johnny, but did you really say that?

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll notice that I often post various fabulous quotes from the bottom of my Badass Planner pages. I’ll let you in on a little secret about those…they are the most difficult part of the whole planner production for me. Sure, I don’t pen most of them on my own, but did you know that in order to publish a quote you have to find the original ORIGINAL source? Just because Pinterest has Johnny Depp saying some sage advice doesn’t mean he’s the first one to say it–and there are only a few sources that are considered valid when checking that out. There are many fabulous quotes out there that I’d love to use, but alas, if I can’t find the undisputed original source, I can’t use them. So! Not only do I have to find over 150 original quotes that have the right feel for each new planner, but they also have to be researched to pass the validity test.

I’m not telling you all of this to make you feel sorry for me or think I’m really hard-working and great (but you can if you want to), I’m mentioning it because when I get a good response from one I realize how much all the work is worth it. Them’s some powerful words.

One such phrase from the second week of April 2018 is “Realize it makes no sense to be smart and practical if you’re miserable.” (thank you, Stephanie Wittels Wachs.) After seeing so many positive responses to that one I realized just how powerful that statement really is! It’s one of those sentences that doesn’t seem like it should make any sense….but when it comes to Badassery, it makes all the sense in the world.

We are brought up with the idea that smarter is better. To always think long and hard before doing anything–study study study, prepare prepare prepare. Being smart will make teachers love you, get you in all the right colleges, and secure you the perfect job that turns into a lifelong career. Practical is Smart’s perfect partner…don’t be silly! Always think things through 100%! If it doesn’t make perfect sense and you can’t see the benefits from beginning to end, why waste your time??

For those of you who have always subscribed to these thought-patterns and have ridiculously happy, satisfying and successful lives—good for you! You probably don’t need my Badass Planner at all and honestly I’m pleasantly surprised that you’re even here, because I think most of us who follow this straight and narrow path tend to feel a bit…unsatisfied. Dull. Bored. They are often the people who have regrets, who always wonder what would have happened or what they might have been if they had stepped off that rigid road at least once in their lives. They may appear to have it all but are still miserable inside.

Believe you me–I know from experience that taking chances, doing things that are completely unexpected even to yourself, sometimes ignoring the ‘smart and practical’ choices are what put things into magical motion that helps you manifest some serious Badassery. Smart and practical for me would have been staying in music school, more than likely becoming a music teacher in some shape or form. This is a fine and admirable choice in life, but I think for me and my personality, it would have been a slow and painful death of my soul. I left college after one year because “I didn’t need a degree to be a rock star.” The gypsy in me was strong. Sure, I’ve never reached the rock star status of making millions and having to avoid the grocery store, but I’ve had so many amazing, wild experiences that I know for a fact I’d be regretting if I hadn’t had them. Life to me is varied experiences, seeing what I can try and do, having pink hair and telling people to be Badass. That probably would have been frowned upon in an elementary music room.

So what is smart? There is book smart and there is making smart decisions. Now of course these are good things, and I always encourage constant learning, doing some research and really making sure you feel good about something before making a move. But one person’s stupid can be another’s smart, that’s for sure…take going into medical school and then realizing you only did so because it was expected of you. You quit and decide you want to swim with dolphins instead, because that makes you ridiculously happy and gives you the life you really want to live. Then there are the smart and practical well-meaning folks out there that will think–or even tell you–that that is a stupid idea. It’s not very practical either–you would have to start school all over again with marine biology, spending more money and possibly moving somewhere else to get your degree and do your job. There is a time and place to be practical–like not buying your beloved mocha every day so you can start to save money for your new venture–but when practicality comes from your Gollum voice, the voice of fear, than I give you the permission to kindly tell it shut the hell up.

Remember, Gollum is only trying to prepare us to keep us safe, because let’s face it; doing the unexpected can be scary! Threatening scary is bad, but excited scary is very good. The idea is to know how to recognize the difference in those feelings and of course it’s different for everyone. Some people may think swimming alongside whales would be very exciting–scary because they are so frickin’ big, exciting to be near something so free and sacred. I for one would be TERRIFIED…and not in a good way. Even though I know in my heart that whales are gentle creatures, I have a serious case of Thalassophobia so you couldn’t pay me to go anywhere near those things. (have you seen this trailer of a new summer movie called The Meg? Poop. My. Pants. No.)

So! Be smart when it’s useful, be practical when it helps to move you forward–but for the love of Glob please be silly and crazy and spontaneous and make some stupid decisions in your life. Sure, sometimes you will have to deal with the unknown (shudder!) and some roadblocks that are thrown up onto your new path, but OH how exciting and empowering to figure out how to get past them and onto something new, something You.



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