Badass Baby Steps: Before You Know It, There You Are

Have you seen my post about the Knock It Out workshop? Seriously, folks. If you are residing here in the fabulous city of Minneapolis, I would love for you to take advantage of this fun opportunity to strengthen both your mind and your body.

The whole theme of this workshop is kicking ass–namely with your goals, my friend. I feel like the promise of spring is a good time to re-look at this. I know many of us start the year with these grand plans that this time, things will be different: ‘I will stick with my new plan of XYZ and everything will be peachy.’ Typically we start out well, with great intentions–maybe even moving forward a bit. But then reality sets in, and we reach a point where we get stuck. Or hell, let’s be realistic…maybe we never started in the first place.

I think a big problem with setting goals is that we start kind of in the middle. We have the idea but maybe we don’t spend the time to really dig in to figure out if this goal is even something our essential self really wants…or do we just love the idea of it?? And if we do decide we do want to go for it, we often just jump in full force–which is great in theory, but often when the dust settles we feel…”now what??” We can easily get overwhelmed.

I’m here to tell you NOT to take the big leap. Start small. If there is something you really want, chances are it’s pretty big. And the best way to succeed at this is to start small with the tiniest of baby steps.

You see, when you take a big giant step toward something, sometimes you find yourself in over your head. You don’t know where to step next so you decide it’s not worth going further–wayyy too scary, wayyy too unknown, that total deer-in-the-headlights syndrome. But if you start with a tiny step and work your way slowly, things never seem quite so overwhelming. You master this thing and that, little by little, and before you know it, there you are.

Having small little victories over and over help to fuel that inner fire to keep on going to where you want to be–and beyond! It also allows you the time to process each step, so you can be more purposeful and therefore ensuring it all goes according to your own plan. This doesn’t mean your plan won’t change, more than likely it will in some shape or form! But you’ll see these changes coming when you are taking your baby steps, and you’ll be ready to meet them head-on and follow that fork in the road of New Opportunity.






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