Accio Badassery!

OK, you are mastering the Ridikkulus and Expectro Patronum spells, so now it’s time to add Accio. Simply put, the Accio spell (I think it’s pronounced ‘Ah-kee-oh’ although I always want to say ‘Ah-chee-oh’) brings things to you. The way it really stands out in the films is in the fourth one, The Goblet of Fire, when Harry is in a nasty tournament situation with a dragon and needs his beloved flying broomstick so he can get the heck out of dodge. Being inconveniently located back at the castle, (I hate it when that happens) commanding a magical “Accio Firebolt!” brings it soaring out to him so he can make yet another narrow escape.

Now if only I could do this whenever I can’t find my car keys or I’m too lazy to go to the downstairs fridge to get a beer, but alas, we Muggles have not yet mastered this skill in the physical world. However, Accio can still be a very powerful spell when you want to get something into your life.


If you want something, it certainly isn’t going to happen if you just sit around hoping and wishing for it. Being successful–however that looks to you– takes action, but it starts with intention. The definition of an intention is ‘an aim, or plan’; magical Intention with a capital ‘I’, is Accio.

It’s all about putting some serious Badass focus into what it is that you are trying to attain, and this can be done in many different ways. Basically, if you want something you need to surround yourself with people, places and things that will make that happen. If you want to travel to Europe, you start talking to people that have been there to get the ins and outs, you go to the bookstore and peruse travel and language books, you do your online research. You skip your daily latte (I know, I know!) and start saving that money for your trip. Not only do you start digging into the logistics of it all, you change your computer wallpaper to the Eiffel Tower and pin up photos of Buckingham Palace on your fridge.

Most of all, you start getting really excited. Start feeling and acting like that shit is going to happen. Because when you put all of your energy toward something with your whole heart–your Accio spell–you can’t help but bring it to you. It will happen. Even if it takes a while, even if the outcome isn’t exactly how you imagined, you have conjured up a wicked enchantment that is going to move you forward toward the Badass life you are meant to be living.

I can’t wait to see what starts heading your way when you start using your Accio spell. Re-looking at things with humor, casting away your soul-sucking demons and now summoning the things you want with intention and bringing them to you? You are seriously (Seriusly) on your way to greatness with some Badass magic.

I would love to hear how you’ve gotten these real-life spells to work for you! And if you figure out how to magically summon Jared Leto to your door, let me know.

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