Make Your Own Minneapolis Miracle

Hell has frozen over. It’s been feeling like that a lot around here lately typing from butt-cold Minneapolis, Minnesota, but here on this blog– I am posting about football.

The latest Vikings game, to be exact, in case you were still wondering after that photo up above of a very zealous fan. Even if you don’t pay any attention to this kind of thing, the Minnesota Vikings did a pretty amazing thing yesterday–they came up from behind to win a very important game that gets them one step closer to being in the Super Bowl. (I think that’s like being crowned Homecoming Queen, or something…?! ;-))

I know, yawn. At least to me most of the time. But for whatever reason I watched this game yesterday–living around here it’s hard not to get caught up in it all, to be honest. Our team has not had a great reputation for years, and this year they are actually not sucking.

The dude who threw the ball and the dude who caught it. Gotta love the bromance.

So as not to bore you with football details, and also because I couldn’t repeat them even if I wanted to, in case you missed it the Vikings killed the first half and the Saints came up from behind in the second to leave only 10 seconds left to win it. Most people had given up–I mean, 10 seconds? But sure enough, the ball got passed, a dude caught it, and against all odds he ran all the way to get a touchdown and win the game. You could see that both teams and fans were stunned. It took a second for it all to sink in. If you were going to watch a game, that was the one to watch!

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I screamed and yelled with joy and actually teared up a bit. Not so much that the team had won–if they had lost I would have shrugged my shoulders and went on with my day–but the elation and power of emotion that came along with overcoming such odds was contagious. I could feel it down to my bones. No matter what they are doing, there is nothing more powerful than watching someone (or a group of people) push through the nigh-impossible to see their dream come true right before your eyes.

Not only did that feeling prompt me to write this post, but the whole experience was also such a reminder to never give up. To give it your all even to the very end, when all seems lost, because it’s never over until the fat lady sings. Or Gollum falls into the crack of Doom with the Ring. Or Voldemort is finally destroyed with the Elder Wand. Or a large Viking cheers.

My home team could have easily just become deflated and simply gone through the motions as the clock ticked on in those final minutes, seconds. But they didn’t. They kept playing with all of the strength and skill they could muster, even as it seemed that they would more than likely lose.

I want to see you go through life like this. Keep going. Keep pushing through. Even when you think you’ve seen all ends, you just never know if everything will actually fall into place at the last moment–beyond all hope, you may just get your Minneapolis Miracle.

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