If You Build It, It Will Come

I know that phrase is technically “If you build it, THEY will come”, but anything baseball typically is not in my vocabulary.

What do you mean it’s not about baseball?!

So no, I am not talking about creating a baseball diamond in the middle of an Iowan field. (although don’t you dare make fun of the corn state, as I grew up in beautiful Iowa City and I am not ashamed.) In fact, I don’t even know what the hell ‘It’ is that you will be building, that’s entirely up to you. But I do know that if there is something you want to make a part of your life, you can make it come to you.

Now here’s the rub. You can’t just sit there wishing on a star, saying a prayer or rubbing a crystal to make it happen. Good intentions are fabulous and if they inspire you, definitely add them into the mix. But that shit ain’t gonna do no good unless you are getting your ass out there and putting yourself into action.

There is no magic unless you are casting the spell.


Here’s some examples for you: I got invited to do some contract work for a fabulous company because I took the time to meet the owner just for the hell of it. I didn’t know she’d have an opportunity for me or that it was even an option, but meeting her and sharing what I do set the wheels in motion. I’ve always wanted to have a booth at an art fair, and it’s been one of my goals with my Momento Mori Designs jewelry line. I not only created the jewelry but I bought the display items and even the tent–all without having any jobs lined up. I have applied to some summer shows and am keeping my fingers crossed, and in the meantime, I just got accepted to be a part of the Minneapolis Craft Market which goes all year long. 

Building it and then expecting that it will come is the same thing as manifesting your Badassery. By putting things in motion you aren’t giving the universe any choice but to send things your way because you won’t settle for anything less. I know that sounds hooda hooda, but seriously. I’ve had it happen to me too many times to ignore it. And really, it’s not just some kind of magical craziness, it’s science. You are putting your energy and your focus into something, so you will notice opportunities more and do what it takes to get there.

Now the thing is, whatever your ‘It’ is may be on its own sweet time or it could show up in a totally different way than you are imagining, and you’ve gotta be open to that. Believe me when I say there are plenty of things I’ve gone for that didn’t come my way–or at least not in the way I thought they would. This doesn’t mean that no matter what you try you will always succeed at. But when you put yourself out there you give yourself every opportunity to make it happen. I can definitely think of more that I could have done to bring things to me that I missed out on in the past, but hey–wisdom and maturity (ahem!) do count for something. I never used to throw things out there like I do now.

So what are you going to build? I’m so excited for you! And I want you to be, too–get excited. There is definitely something magical that happens when you walk around feeling all excited for the good things that you know are coming your way.


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